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Are you attending the 2015 CALL Conference in Moncton?

Volunteers are needed for short (and fun!) shifts staffing the CALL Vancouver 2016 booth in Moncton. If you are attending the conference and would be interested in volunteering, please contact Susannah Tredwell (stredwell@davis.ca) or Katherine Melville (kmelville@farris.com) directly.

CALL/ACBD Mentorship Program.

Are you looking for an opportunity to change career focus, gain new skills or re-energize? Why not join the CALL/ACBD Mentoring Program! The program is free to join once you are a CALL/ACBD member, and matches will be determined based on stated interests. If you are a newer law librarian, or just looking for personal guidance from an experienced colleague, apply as a mentee. If you are looking to connect and enhance your leadership skills, apply as a mentor.

CALL/ACBD memberships are priced so that you can personally support your professional development. Bonus: If you apply by April 11th, you can meet your partner at the Membership Development Social at CALL 2013 in Montreal!

CALL/ACBD Membership: http://www.callacbd.ca/en/content/membership

CALL/ACBD Mentoring Program: http://www.callacbd.ca/en/content/mentoring-program

Limitation Act Bill 34 to come into force June 1, 2013

See background information, key changes and press release here:


Report on Carswell's "Contents Only" Policy

Please note that a Report on Carswell's "Contents Only" policy has been published to the CALL website. This is the result of a joint effort between the TALL Publisher Liaison Committee and the CALL Vendor Liaison Committee. Please find this report on the Committee and Group Publications page - Vendors page.

Peter Bark Professional Development Bursary

As the VALL membership heads into the busy fall season, just a quick note to mark your calendars with the Peter Bark Bursary application deadline — March 1, 2010. 

The Peter Bark Professional Development Bursary was established by VALL to commemorate Peter Bark and his contribution to VALL and law librarianship. The Bursary assists VALL members demonstrating financial need in attending meetings of the Canadian Association of Law Librarians or other law library associations, continuing education workshops or other professional development.

For additional guidelines and information, please see: http://vall.vancouver.bc.ca/bursary

Please apply by letter and include the reasons why you wish to attend the meeting or professional development opportunity, and your conference responsibilities, if any.

Please attach a letter from your employer indicating extent of financial support from your firm/institution.

Please send applications by March 1, 2010 to:

Vancouver Association of Law Libraries
RE: Peter Bark Professional Development Bursary
P.O. Box 48663, Bentall Centre
Vancouver, B.C. V7X 1A1


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