Court of Appeal for Ontario introduces RSS feed for decisions

From Louise Hamel of the Ontario Judges' library:

The Court of Appeal for Ontario launced today an RSS feed for when:

  • Decisions are added to the decisions page
  • Case lists are available
  • Leave to appeal notifications are posted
  • Non-publication orders and in-camera hearings are announced

Additional feeds are under development and in the future you will be able to subscribe to separate feeds for each service. You can check out this new service at It is now a menu option for the side panel.

Workers' Compensation in British Columbia

Via Lance Nordstrom of WorkSafeBC Library Services.  If text formatting is unreadable, please see attachment.  If this item is deleted, please advise Ana Rosa Blue at  Thank you.

For anyone who may have an interest in workers’ compensation issues, particularly those in British Columbia, you may be interested in a new book from Butterworths, Workers’ Compensation in British Columbia, with an expected publication date of March 2009. Written by two lawyers who formerly worked in the Appeals Division of WorkSafeBC and now vice chairs at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal, this volume provides a comprehensive overview of the law, policy and practice of the workers’ compensation system in British Columbia.

Access to Supreme Court of Canada Court Records

Via Rosalie Fox, Director, Supreme Court of Canada Library:

The Office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada has announced in a Notice to the Profession that its Policy for Access to Supreme Court of Canada Court Records takes effect on February 9, 2009.

With the introduction of this policy, the Court will provide more case information on its web site. In addition to the schedules, docket information, party information and case summaries currently available, the Court will provide webcasts of appeal hearings and will post appeal factums filed on or after February 9, 2009.


Courtroom proceedings will be webcast live unless the case is subject to a publication ban. An archive of webcasts will be maintained on the website. There are restrictions on the use of webcasts. If you want permission to use a webcast, you must submit an online Request to Use Supreme Court of Canada Photographs, Videos or Webcasts.

"How to foster mutually-beneficial librarian-vendor partnerships"

The February 2009 issue of the AALL Spectrum contains an article on "How to foster mutually-beneficial librarian-vendor partnerships". The article discusses how librarians can get the most out of their relationship with vendors.

One paragraph that may be of particular interest to librarians at the moment (given the current economic climate) is:

Communicate Transparently about Constraints — If you have budgetary constraints, project management challenges, [...], or any other predictable issues that might put the brakes on your purchasing, you should discuss these early and clearly. Your vendor will likely need to report back to management on progress, the sales cycle, and so forth. If you put your representative in an informed position, even if the news is negative in the short term, he or she will respect you for it and will appreciate your candor.

(Thanks to Emma Wood for pointing out this article.)

Recovering the Costs of Legal Research

The CLE course materials for Legal Research — 2008 have a section on "Recovering the Costs of Legal Research" by Timothy Outerbridge.

New BC Courts Website

Via Dianne Lemieux:

"The BC Superior Courts are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. The website’s new features include:

  • improved look and feel
  • improved navigation bars
  • improved judgment search template
  • improved hearing lists for both Court of Appeal and Supreme Court matters
  • online access to Supreme Court scheduling information without requiring recourse to Scheduling staff
  • enhanced practice resources, e.g., Practice Directions, court forms, reference to self-help resources, links to other useful websites
  • easier access to court registry and location information

The BC Superior Courts would like to acknowledge the assistance received from the Board of Directors of CanLII ( in providing information which we used to reorganize our judgment database and implement the improvements to the search engine.  Without this assistance as well as assistance from LexUM (, we would not have been able to complete this upgrade. 

We welcome your comments about the new website.  To comment, please send an email to the Website Coordinator."

Letter from Carswell

The following letter from Carswell was sent to VALL on the occasion of our 20th anniversary: 

December 9, 2008

Dear Vancouver Law Librarians:

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary! This is truly a significant milestone and one we are delighted to celebrate with you today. For those of you who were part of that first gathering in 1988, there must be a tremendous sense of accomplishment as you celebrate in the "The Seasons" ballroom today and reflect back on your journey.

Over the past 20 years, the volume of information, the technology that has driven it and the speed at which it has reached us has seen the practice of Law go through unprecedented change. I know that each of you has played a critical role in supporting your colleagues and customers in managing these sometimes challenging yet tremendously exciting changes.

On behalf of everyone at Carswell, a Thomson Reuters business, I welcome you to our sponsored lunch. You have played a key role in our growth in Western Canada and we are proud of our 20-year partnership. British Columbia continues to be important to our business success and we look forward to exploring more opportunities to support each of you in the years ahead.

Once again, congratulations we hope you enjoy your lunch.

Best regards,

Don Van Meer
Carswell, a Thomson Reuters business

Nina Platt on Online Searching Costs

An interesting article by Nina Platt as to the value of online legal research and why firms should be able to recover costs for online researching.

(via Shaunna Mireau)

Ontario e-laws now an official source of law

On November 30, 2008, a regulation under the Ontario Legislation Act, 2006 came into effect, making copies of statutes and regulations published on Ontario's e-Laws official copies of the law.

Both of the following are now official:

  • An on-screen display of a statute or regulation viewed on, or downloaded from, the e-Laws website
  • A printout of a statute or regulation viewed on, or downloaded from, the e-Laws website.

A copy of the news release announcing this change is here.

Finally, B.C. law on the internet... for free!

As of January 1, 2009 an up-to-date unofficial consolidation of the British Columbia Statutes and Regulations will be available free of charge through the Queen's Printer website at (The site does not appear to be up yet.)

No word as to whether B.C. legislation will be included on CANLII.

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