Welcome to the New VALL Website

The new VALL website is finally up! We're still in beta mode, and there will be some bugs along the way, but taking this site live is a fantastic step none the less. 

A big thanks to the VALL website team - our long time webmaster Andy Froese, our new webmaster Rob Golbeck, and the exceptionally hard work of Susannah Tredwell! (who painstakingly created accounts for everyone in the VALL membership)

An announcement email with how to login should go out later today. Many of the former members only aspects will magically appear once you log into the site. We'd also like to encourage everyone to fill out their profiles, change their password, and to add their picture! My personal photoshop services are available if you wish to forward a great pic of yourself.

We also hope to have a series of tutorials explaining how to use the site, and how you can contribute! (hint: if you can use email, you can share what you're reading, or what's inspiring you...)

Once again, congratulations to our website committee, and thanks for all the hard work!!

Kind regards,
Steve Matthews, VALL President  2007-2008