CALL Webinar - Understanding the Lawyer Personality

Thursday, March 5, 2015
10:00am - 11:30am  
Lawyers are not like other people--over 20 years of research by Dr. Larry Richard at LawyerBrain shows that the people who become lawyers have a number of very atypical personality traits. In this program, Dr. Richard will explain the unique traits that characterize lawyers, and discuss why these patterns occur as well as how you can adapt to them when you're working with lawyers or when they are your customers. Dr. Richard practiced law for ten years himself, before earning a Ph.D. in psychology in 1993.

Dr. Larry Richard is recognized as the leading expert on the psychology of lawyer behavior. He has advised dozens of AmLaw 200 law firms on leadership, management, and the psychology of coping with change. Widely known as an expert on the lawyer personality, he has gathered personality data on thousands of lawyers.
A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Dr. Richard practiced law as a trial attorney for ten years. He then earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from Temple University. For more than 20 years, he has provided consulting services exclusively to the legal profession. Formerly with Altman Weil, and more recently the head of the Leadership & OD Practice at Hildebrandt, he now heads his own consulting firm, LawyerBrain LLC, which focuses on improving lawyer performance through personality science. He focuses on Building Lawyer Resilience, Managing Change, and Leadership.
He is a frequent author and speaker on the use of positive psychology and applied behavioral science in helping law firms to succeed. 

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