CALL Webinar: Substantive Law Series on Real/Personal Property Law

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
1:00pm - 2:30pm EST 


This webinar, aimed at legal information professionals, will provide an overview of substantive first-year law school property law, including both real and personal property law.

There are two goals: (i) to give a sense of what students study and learn in their first year law school property law class, including explanations of substantive property law, and (ii) to provide practical tips on researching property law issues.

Questions / topics to be covered will include:

  • How is property law taught in law school?
  • More specifically, the following concepts will be discussed:
    • Personal property: ownership versus possession; "finder's-keepers" law; conversion; bailment; security interests in personal property
    • Real property:
      • Interests in land
      • Land title regimes versus Registry Act regimes
      • Restrictive covenants against land / easements
      • The dreaded "rule against perpetuities"
      • Buying and selling land
  • Research tips for researching property law
  • Creating your own research guides and pathfinders for researching property law

Attendees interested in doing so are encouraged to read in advance of the webinar the decision in Parker v British Airways Board, [1982] 1 QB 1004 (a "finders-keepers" case). As part of this webinar, the instructor will "simulate" a first-year property law class using the Socratic method in discussion of this case.

Attendees will be provided a detailed, annotated research pathfinder for property law. Attendees are invited to contact Ted Tjaden in advance with any particular questions or content they would like covered.


Ted Tjaden, a long-time member of CALL/ACBD and the 2010 recipient of the Denis Marshall Memorial Award for Excellence in Law Librarianship, is the national litigation precedents lawyer in Gowlings’ Toronto office. Ted works closely with the firm’s national precedents team and litigation lawyers to organize and annotate the firm’s litigation research and precedents for use by the firm’s advocacy professionals. Ted has extensive experience as a litigator and knowledge management lawyer and is called to the bar in both British Columbia and Ontario. In addition to being the author of Legal Research and Writing, 3rd ed (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2010) and The Law of Independent Legal Advice, 2nd ed (Toronto: Carswell, 2013), he is a regular speaker at conferences on issues of knowledge management, technology and the effective organization of litigation documents.

Webinar Costs:
CALL/ACBD Member: $40 + $5.20 HST    = $45.20/webinar
Non-member: $60 + $7.80 HST    = $67.80/webinar
Student Rate: $25 + $3.25 HST    = $28.25/webinar