Honoured Member Guidelines

An Honoured Member:
  • must have been a longtime member of VALL, preferably from its inception or if not, for at least 10 years
  • must have been an active participant in VALL
  • must have served on the Executive in a number of positions, and,
  • contributed to the success of VALL in a significant and measurable way, and,
  • provided leadership or contributed to the Vancouver law library community in a significant and measurable way, for example, as a teacher or mentor, and,
  • must want to be an honoured member, that is, would truly be pleased by the honour and would likely attend meetings periodically or when invited as a guest in December or June.

An Honoured Member can be nominated by any VALL member who submits a written communication detailing the reasons for the nomination, and including the written support of five additional VALL members.

The current VALL Executive reviews the nomination and decides if the nominee will be designated with Honoured Member status. Honoured Members Members receive complimentary membership to VALL, remain on the membership list, receive seminar notices and a password for the VALL website. They are invited to be a guest of the Association at the December or June Seminar each year.

List of Honoured Members:

List of Former Honoured Members:

(Dates in brackets indicate when they became an Honoured Member.)