CALL/ACBD Webinar: Platforms, Apps and Omnibots - Alternate Views on the Future of Legal Research

Thursday, October 26, 2017

10:00 - 11:30 PST

Can you imagine a future where a single sign-in will give you access to a range of tools to support different aspects of legal research? How about one where effective research requires multiple accounts from different service providers each of which offer a tailored solution. Or perhaps a future where you simply ask an artificially intelligent Alexa, Siri, Cortana or Google to find you some stuff that you can rely on? As you might have already observed, we are madly rushing in all three directions right now!

In this webinar, Colin will discuss these different and potentially conflicting trends; introduce the players, tools and technologies being applied to legal research, and offer some suggestions on how to manage the onslaught of new gadgets and miracle solutions demanding your time and legal research investment dollars.

In the second half of the presentation, he will also introduce and demonstrate vLex, An advanced legal research platform that’s new to Canada but already serving hundreds of thousands of users around the world. vLex Global (90M+ docs from over 100 countries) has been available at a few Canadian law schools for several years now, and vLex Canada and vLex US are rapidly being added to the research arsenals of law firm, universities, governments and law associations and law societies. Among solo and small firm users, the vLex Canadian Legal Bookshelf, which features over a dozen core legal texts from Irwin Law, is gaining popularity as a cost-effective complement to free research tools.

Colin Lachance spends his days spreading the word about vLex - an advanced legal research platform new to Canada, but that serves hundreds of thousands of users around the world. He is a former CEO of CanLII (2011 - 2015), and past advisor to numerous legal tech startups. With degrees in business and law, including a 2013 tech law LL.M. from University of Ottawa, Colin’s career before legal tech was in telecommunications where he held roles as a sales person, lawyer, marketing director and lobbyist (in that order). His nearly non-existent legal practice is carried out in association with Momentum Business Law in Kanata.

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