Season's Greetings to Everyone

The Vancouver Association of Law Libraries would like to wish everyone the very best for the holidays and the New Year.


November Seminar - Speakers Notes from West Coast LEAF

Please find the speakers' notes and powerpoint presentation from West Coast LEAF attached. I think all who were there can say that this brilliant seminar gave us a lot to think about.

CALL looking for best practices on how to communicate the value of a library

From: Canadian Association of Law Libraries List [mailto:CALL-L@LISTSERV.UNB.CA] On Behalf Of Deborah Copeman
Sent: December 4, 2009 5:23 AM
Subject: Sharing best practices for demonstrating the value of the library

In the results of the recent survey sent to members of the CALL Courthouse and Law Society Libraries SIG, members showed a strong interest in sharing best practices for demonstrating the value of the library.

After we shared survey results via the CALL-L discussion list, the CALL executive suggested extending the collection and compilation of this information to all CALL members, as these best practices would have broad appeal and value across the association membership.

Accordingly, we are extending a call to share best practices for demonstrating the value of the library to all CALL members.

How do you demonstrate the value of the library to your stakeholders? How is this value expressed?

CanLII announces improvements to its legislative materials

From the CanLII announcement by Frédéric Pelletier:

Today we are bringing some improvements to our legislation publication system. Here are the most important ones.

  • Tables of contents for federal legislation. Federal statutes and regulations are now displayed with a two-level, automatically generated table of contents, with links pointing to headings, sections and subsections. Please note that the URLs now provided might have to be modified in the future, as this feature will be improved towards better recognition of the text's structure. We will add similar tables of contents to legislative databases from jurisdictions for which the documents can be automatically parsed with reasonable efforts.
  • Stable link to the last version. The most recent version now has a stable URL. This means that you can choose to link to the version of the text that always includes the most recent amendments, but you may also elect to link to this recent version as it is in force when you refer to it, before any subsequent amendment.
  • Former titles and citations. From now on you can search for legislative materials with a former title or a former citation, when these have been amended since the beginning of our point-in-time versions' coverage period.

October edition of the VALL Membership Directory 2009-2010 now available

The first edition of the printable (and searchable) PDF version of the VALL Membership Directory 2009-2010, current to October 30, 2009, is now available on the VALL website.   The PDF is searchable this year using the Adobe Reader's find box.

Members can access the directory under Member Resources.  Please note that you will need to sign in to the website in order to access the file.

If you find any errors or omissions, please notify Katherine Melville so the database can be updated.  Also, please take this opportunity to make sure your own profile is displaying your current information on this website.  The next printable directory will be published in February 2010.

Westlaw goes mobile

Westlaw Canada now has a mobile browser that you (or your lawyers) can use on a Blackberry. Simply go to or can find out more about it here: (You will of course need a Westlaw Canada subscription.)

(Thanks to Shaunna Mireau for the tip!)

Google Scholar adds legal content

Google has announced that, effective today, you will be able to use Google Scholar to find and read full text legal opinions from U.S. federal and state district, appellate and supreme courts.

Simply go to Google Scholar, enter your search, and click on the "Legal opinions and journals" radio button. Search results will include links to the cases as well as articles that refer to them. Keep in mind that you will not be able to get the full text of all cases and articles; in some cases you will only get citation information.

"Doing More with Less"

The 2009 edition of the Professional Legal Management Week Magazine has an article on "Doing More with Less: the Librarian Approach". The article starts off by noting that "more than 73 percent of law firm libraries ... experienced budget cuts" and goes on to discuss how law librarians can strategically manage the library budget so that the firm gets the best possible resources given their budget.

Another article "Doing More with Less: Innovative ideas from small law libraries" by David Whelan looks at ways small law libraries in Ontario have managed to use inexpensive or free tools to provide library services. Technologies and tools used include Zotero, LogMeIn and RSS feeds.

Update from CALL's Vendor Liaison Committee

Dear CALL-eagues,

The Vendor Liaison Committee has been very active this fall. We recently released the Price trends report and we have been working on issues raised at the business meeting at the CALL conference in May. We have been looking at how to make effective use of CALL-L for vendor issues and have put together some suggestions for using this tool. This piece ( along with our established Librarian-Vendor Relations – Best Practices ( provides practical advice for library staff to manage the vendor client relationship.

Vendor pricing trends for 2010

From: Canadian Association of Law Libraries List [] On Behalf Of Shaunna Mireau
Sent: October 20, 2009 9:39 AM
Subject: VLC - Price Trends 2010

Vendors Liaison Committee logo


It is an established tradition for the Vendor Liaison Committee to share pricing trends at this time of year. Here are the various publisher price trend predictions the Committee has assembled:

Canada Law Book is advising a 3% to 6% price increase for print and electronic products.

Carswell price increases will be in the 5-7% range for print products.

CCH Legal/Business/Tax subscription products will increase approximately 3-9%. The price increase for Legal/Business books available in print should be in the 2-5% range and for our Tax books in a 5-10% range for 2010.

Éditions Yvons Blais price increase for books should be in the 3-5% range. The increase for online products is in the range of 3-7%.

Emond Montgomery Publications price increases will be selective and will not exceed 2-5%.

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