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Announcements for Laprise and Silverstein prizes (Thomson Reuters)

Announcement from the Canadian Association of Law Libraries:

On behalf of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL), and as announced at the 2016 annual conference in Vancouver, Thomson Reuters is funding two new prizes launched in memory of members the Association lost in 2015. The prizes remember the significant contributions of Gisèle Laprise and Michael Silverstein. The Gisele Laprise Prize will recognize an outstanding contribution to the understanding of civil and common law systems in Canada and the Michael Silverstein Prize will recognize an outstanding contribution to the understanding of primary law and legal taxonomy.

Applications/nominations for both of these awards will open in early December 2016 and close in February 2017. Further information about the prizes is available on CALL's Scholarships and Awards website. Please remember to include examples of the nominee’s writings for consideration by the panel. The winners will be announced at the annual CALL conference in Ottawa (May 2017).

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