VALL website policy

All members of the Vancouver Association of Law Libraries (VALL) are welcome to post material to the VALL website. Material that would be of interest to the VALL membership (such as job postings or conference announcements) may also be posted by a VALL Member on behalf of a non-VALL member.

The website is a VALL-sponsored communication tool for VALL members, published to the open web and available for viewing by all visitors to the website.

Members posting to the VALL website are expected to cite sources, check facts, and acknowledge and correct errors in their posts. Professionalism, courtesy and relevance to VALL are expected; spam, personal attacks, and off-topic comments are not permitted.

VALL makes no representations as to the accuracy or validity of information on the website. Statements and opinions expressed by members posting to the website are theirs alone. Links to websites operated by third parties from the website are provided for information and convenience only. VALL assumes no responsibility and will not be held liable for the statements and opinions published on the website, either directly or via third party websites.

VALL reserves the right to delete or edit any posting to the website.

Content of Postings

The content of postings should be material that will be of interest to the VALL Membership. Examples include:

  • News items including new legislation or judgments;
  • Links to useful websites;
  • Job postings;
  • Looking to buy books/reporters; and
  • Upcoming events.

VALL reserves the right to edit or delete any posting or comment.

Posting categories

We have five main categories for the different types of posting:

  • "VALL News" is used for official VALL news and announcements;.
  • "Member Announcements" is used for member announcements such as changes of address;
  • "Job Postings" is used for job postings;
  • "Vendor Announcements" (see information below); and
  • "Member Blog" is used for postings that VALL members think will be of interest to the community. (See examples above.)

Vendor Announcements

Vendors who are members of VALL are welcome to post items that will be of interest to the community. Such items include:

  • Company news
  • Changes in service
  • Upcoming training
  • Forecasts in price increases
  • Sales and special promotions

Apart from sales and special promotions, advertising is discouraged.

All vendor announcements should be tagged with "Vendor Announcements" as the category. Please make sure that under "Publishing options" the "Promoted to front page" box is unchecked. Vendor announcements may appear on the front page of the VALL website if approved by one of the VALL Executive.

How to create a blog posting

To create a blog posting, users must be logged in to the website. Once logged in, click on the link in the left hand menu that says "Create content" and then choose "Blog entry". Make sure that you have selected "Member Blog" as the category. Once done, click on "Submit" to publish your blog posting.

Restricting posts to VALL members

All postings to the VALL website may be seen by anyone visiting the site, unless posting settings are changed. To limit access to VALL members only, you must change the "View/Edit Permissions" settings. De-select the "anonymous user" option under the "View/Edit Permissions" setting to restrict access to VALL members only. An "anonymous user" is "anyone".

Keeping a post off the front page

All postings to the VALL website default to the front page of the website. To keep a posting off the front page, scroll down to "Publishing options" (just above the Submit button) and de-select the "Promoted to front page" box.