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Local Law Librarians Making a Difference

It was so nice to see this story in today's Vancouver Sun: Raising the bar: Here's one library that's giving back.

Local law librarians Kathy Barry and Wilma Macfarlane are featured describing their Fiction Friday program, and how they've raised money for charities such as the Raise-a-Reader literacy program, the United Way & the Union Gospel Mission.

Congratulations to you both! Story photo captured below for posterity.

Emma Wood Recaps SLA 2009

Our old friend Emma Wood has been busy writing a series of SLA 2009 recap posts this week on the Vancouver Law Librarian Blog:


Pictures from June 18th VALL meeting

Pictures from yesterday's VALL meeting:

Is this Website Cool?

The new VALL website is one of the 'cool things' reviewed at today's lunch meeting. And to help that process along, this post will review some of the new & notable elements of the website.

  • First, the site is pretty and gives us an updated look. (but hopefully that's evident)
  • Second, it's modular - which means adding features is about a 15 minute process; and any new functionality we add will maintain the same look & feel of the overall design.
  • Third, we aren't stuck with this design. Because it's a template-based and applied site wide, we can update our look at any point, without worrying about the Association's legacy of content.

Now, the new stuff:

Use the Notables Area for Sharing!

There are a number of publishing areas to get to know on our new website, and I'd like to share one of them today, notables.The notables area is a common sharing area where VALL members can relay some of the interesting things they're reading online.

To add something, simply start a new blog post and use the drop down menu to classify it under Notables. Then, paste in your link into the body of the post; or write some comments and add a link to the appropriate words within your text.

A very simple approach, and a good opportunity to test out the new website!

The 2008/2009 VALL Executive

I'm pleased to announce the VALL Executive for 2008/2009 will be as follows:

We are still looking for a point person for the 08/09 workshop, and would love someone to step forward to help make that happen. We would also like to add another person on programs (there were 3 last year), and this would also be another great opporunity to get involved.

Our Indebted Thanks to Andornot!

On behalf of VALL and the VALL executive, I would like to offer a public thank-you to Andornot Information Management Solutions, who have kindly hosted the VALL website for as long as many of us can remember! With the new website moving to Drupal, our hosting situation has also changed, and will now be hosted on my company's servers.

That said, I would remind everyone that web hosting hasn't always been as inexpensive as it is today. Kathy & Denise, your hosting of the VALL website, and the likely thousands of dollars we've saved, has been greatly appreciated. We want you to know that!

And to VALL members, if you haven't already, please check out the Andornot Developers Blog. Continued great advice from our local Inmagic experts!

Welcome to the New VALL Website

The new VALL website is finally up! We're still in beta mode, and there will be some bugs along the way, but taking this site live is a fantastic step none the less. 

A big thanks to the VALL website team - our long time webmaster Andy Froese, our new webmaster Rob Golbeck, and the exceptionally hard work of Susannah Tredwell! (who painstakingly created accounts for everyone in the VALL membership)

An announcement email with how to login should go out later today. Many of the former members only aspects will magically appear once you log into the site. We'd also like to encourage everyone to fill out their profiles, change their password, and to add their picture! My personal photoshop services are available if you wish to forward a great pic of yourself.

TinyMCE Test

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