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Question re CLE Webinars and Course Material

Question for the cataloguers out there - how are you treating the CLE Course Materials and Webinar Archives?

We have been cataloguing to the individual paper level until now - this month and last month I noticed that there were often only 1 or 2 papers included in a course, whereas there are multiple sessions linked in the Webinar Archives (see the Expert Evidence - 2015 for an example: 1 paper, 7 webinars).  

As the webinars are very well indexed, I see a value in cataloguing to the individual webinar level as well. Is anyone else doing this?

Any thoughts, suggestions, and opinions are welcome. And thank you!



CanLII 2012 - 2014 Strategic Priorities

CanLII has just released their new strategic priorities. As professional CanLII users, VALL member feedback is especially important.

Please take a look at the information available on CanLII's website and let them know what you think.

CALL Vendor Liaison Committee Survey - participation requested

The CALL Vendor Liaison Committee is developing a position paper on publication formats, including updated publications.

They have prepared a short survey to gather members’ views and input on this important and timely issue. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and responses are anonymous.

CALL encourages all members to answer each question and take advantage of opportunities within the survey to provide textual answers outlining your library’s concerns, issues, and needs regarding publication formats (print, bound, loose-leaf, supplemented, electronic books, online subscription products, or other).

The survey will remain open until December 30, 2011.

Thank you for your participation

SLAIS Special Libraries Association looking for a speaker

The SLAIS SLA group is looking for a law librarian from a private firm to take part in their panel as part of SLA week in January 2012. The panel will take place from 12:00-1:30 on Tuesday, January 17th on the UBC campus.

Any interested librarians are asked to contact Caroline Crowell no later than December 21st.

Thank you in advance from SLAIS SLA!

CALL/ACBD Conference - Early bird deadline ends March 16th!

Hurry and register online before Wednesday and save on conference fees. With the money you save, you can put it towards one of the many great events we’ve got planned for you!

Both WestJet and Air Canada are having seat sales for select Canadian destinations, including Calgary. 

UBC Arts Co-op Program Summer Student Hiring

H I R E  E D U C A T I O N

How can a graduate student help you this summer? We have some ideas.  

Students learning the latest in library, information management, and archival fields can be an ideal fit for that special project or short-term vacancy you've been looking to fill.

The UBC Arts Co-op Program offers some of the brightest students for 4 or 8-month paid, full-time work terms from the School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies (SLAIS).

The summer work term starts in May and we’re actively accepting your job openings.

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